A Recruitment Process Augmentation (RPA) Partnership

Our Client

Revenue: $3.5B+
Employees: 10,000+
Industry: Digital Security Products

The company is a leading provider of digital security solutions.


The company was growing rapidly, and so were its talent needs. The company was unable to manage the demand as it began re-consolidation of operations and the relocation of staff. The company's Talent Acquisition needs repeatedly outpaced internal staff capabilities to support.

Client's Needs

Immediate effective surge in Talent Acquisition capability and capacity | Client recognized the value of adding RPO-like capability | HR support for high visibility projects
Immediate positive impact on key metrics for recruiting, fill, and fit | Firm control of recruiting processes and costs


The SYNOVAS team initially assessed business and HR goals, culture, work type and environment. We matched senior recruiters with client industry and targeted recruiting market. We provided experienced, embedded Talent Acquisition expertise to enhance internal HR and talent acquisition initiatives. We in addition advised the client on key courses of actions, and implemented projects as directed by the company.

SYNOVAS embedded its senior Talent Acquisition resources (Recruiters) within the compnay's HR system. The embedded team functioned as internal staff interfacing with hiring managers, candidates and external vendors. They were able to share and execute innovative executive and industrial recruiting approaches, including implemented tracking methodologies and reporting systems.

The team also delivered additional search/recruiting assistance as requested and supported HR’s contribution to successful execution of projects.

Our Team

*  Senior Human Resources Consultant
*  Multiple senior recruiters
*  Project Manager
*  External executive recruiter


SYNOVAS was able to significantly improve the company's Talent Management (Acquisition and retention) metrics. The compnay was successful in its relocation and consolidation efforts. Hiring managers received timely support and responsiveness in order to make quick decisions. This also improved the talent pool as the was a noticeable improvement in candidate’s experience.

The metrics provided by SYNOVAS enabled HR to identify trends and make adjustments.

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