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SYNOVAS offers the insight and experience our clients need to get key initiatives moving forward. We have the knowledge and intellectual curiosity required to solve unique challenges, and to design and implement innovative solutions.

Our Definition of Execution

The ability of an organization to understand what needs to be done, to generate the organizational will to get it done, to commit the necessary resources and to follow a plan and adjust to branches and sequels as necessary to produce desired outcomes. Organizational will in this context refers to an organization's leadership's ability to create a shared vision and inspire a united effort among the key players and stakeholders.

Strategic Execution

"No plan survives first contact" is an inherent assumption in military planning. Execution is not about sticking to the plan but instead focusing on the outcomes and "shaping the conditions" while adjusting the plan as the conditions develop.

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The Strategic Project Office

At SYNOVAS, we take pride in helping businesses solve their most challenging issues. We assess your needs and then assist you by designing and executing transformational business initiatives and implementing governance strategies to help you reach your goals. We also partner with you to define long-term strategies for business enabling growth and scalability while minimizing costs and business risks.



Using The Program Office to Drive Successful Execution Our Client Revenue: $100M+ Employees: 300+ Industry:...

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