A Strategic Roadmap For IT Transformation

Our Client

Revenue: $800M+
Employees: 6000+
Industry: Not-for-Profit

The company is an international services organization


The organization had its IT environment outsourced, including mainframes, some infrastructure, help/service desk, and major applications. They had already undergone multiple IT assessments, receiving varying strategy recommendations with roadmaps. In addition, there were multiple major vendors in place providing similar services. The environment contained aging infrastructure and technology, disparate, decentralized and autonomous IT at business unit level, and had undergone recent changes in IT leadership.

Client's Needs

Clear and unambiguous Strategy Decisions | Visionary Leadership with strong Execution skills 
Firm control of schedule and costs | Technology Solutions rationalization and Integration 


The SYNOVAS team selected, recommended or delivered the IT go-forward Strategy and Roadmap, including:

  • A new IT organizational structure and vendor relationships;
  • An integrated and Executed Strategy and Recommendations from previous IT Assessments;
  • The creation of a Program Management Office (PMO); and

built detailed project plans together with key organizational stakeholders.

With the PMO in place, SYNOVAS was able to consistently revisit the strategy and project portfolio, with project managers reviewing and analyzing reports from previous assessments. Working with the CIO, we organized a strong IT Leadership Team, performing a talent needs assessment, and reorganization of the Corporate IT Department. In addition, SYNOVAS engaged a strategic partner to vet ideas and assist with critical projects.

Our Team

*  Senior Strategy and Program Management Leader
*  Senior VPs with relevant industry experience
*  Fortune 500 Product/Project Manager with strong process skills
*  Retained, invisible background Advisors and coaches


SYNOVAS was able to the organization better Vendor Management control, and critical IT functions were in-sourced. The SYNOVAS PMO was able to remove roadblocks to stalled CRM and Business Intelligence Projects which went live within 12 months. These improvements allowed the organization to focus its resources on increasing revenue, constituent retention, and growth. Overall project effectiveness improved, as measured by time-to-delivery, and SYNOVAS was able to work with the client to stabilize IT budgets, and significantly improve board-level  IT performance metrics.

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