Creating A Strategic Roadmap For Growth

Our Client

Revenue: $2M+
Employees: 5+
Industry: Transportation

The company is a medium-and-long-haul dry van transportation business


The company was operating primarily as a subcontractor to larger transportation companies. The company sought to move from subcontractor to direct contractor relationship, recognized the potential value of working with a business strategy consultant, sought a referral and contracted SYNOVAS for strategy and planning assistance.

Client's Needs

Business Strategy | Formal Business proposal | Internal Budget and Annual Operating Plan
Environmental scans - Industry best practice; market conditions; customer expectations | Complete financial analysis and control for projected routes; schedules and costs 


The SYNOVAS team interviewed the CEO to gain insight into the vision and direction for the company. We conducted an environmental scan, and used a SWOT to identify client objectives. We leveraged an agile approach to ensure client ownership of final deliverables.

SYNOVAS identified and assessed the core opportunity, defined the company's current state and jointly developed a strategic road map. SYNOVAS wrote the strategic plan and an operating plan, including a hybrid marketing /business proposal, and coached the client throught proposal process. SYNOVAS was also engaged to create an organizational structure that included the creation of a warehousing and forwarding plan with layout and processes.

Our Team

*  Senior Strategy and Program Management Consultants
*  Senior Supply Chain Consultant
*  Fortune 500 distribution center manager


Company was awarded a multi-year contract which included expanded trucking routes, which say a projected three-fold increase in  revenues.  Client continue to seek advisory services for second opportunity to expand with their primary customer. In addition he company has been able to acquire a warehouse, and expand its supply chain offering to include additional routes warehousing and forwardings.

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