An IT Strategy Defined, Executed and Optimized

Our Client

Revenue: $5.0M+
Employees: 30+
Industry: Services

The company is a professional membership organization.


The organization's new leadership envisioned a digital enterprise utilizing a cloud centered technology, but needed IT leadership to deliver on that vision. They were faced with multiple competing entities that managed and controlled their IT environment. Without an IT leader on the leadership team,  the organization lacked a defined strategy, planning and risk management plan. Additionally, there was an immediate need to replace an aging (end of support) infrastructure and customer facing technologies.

Client's Needs

IT environment not controlled by vendors | A complete unbiased assessment and understanding of current state of IT | Restoration of trust and confidence in IT
Modernization of systems (hardware, software, solutions and processes) | Risk reductions related to out of date systems with known risks | Predictability and control of assets and costs | Solutions integration


The SYNOVAS team conducted an in-depth assessment of the organization's IT landscape. Working with the organization's leadership, they crafted a vision and strategy for new IT. They executed the strategy and roadmap, managed vendors and transitioned support, executed a portfolio of projects, and delivered the leadership team’s vision.

The SYNOVAS team used a 6-step methodology to build a transparent, co-created assessment approach with the organization’s participation throughout engagement. The team carefully matched consultants with organizational culture and vendor styles to mitigate risks, and addressed immediate risks as they arose. The team provided a clear view of the current state, and implemented an IT oversight process for the organization's leadership team.

During the course of executing the road map, the SYNOVAS team regularly reviewed successes and challenges with organization's leadership team.

Our Team

*  Senior Strategy and Program Management Consultant
*  Senior Systems Engineers
*  Senior Project Manager
*  Non-Profit Consultants
*  Fractional CIO


The organization now has an integrated IT strategy and roadmap that will guide management and control costs. They have a risk mitigation plan in place for IT. The IT environment - Infrastructure, Web, Network, Security, VOIP, support and related services - have been transformed to state of the art solutions. A professionally managed IT function now exists and the organization owns (controls) the "keys to its IT kingdom.”

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